Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 5

Today I want to put out there that I am grateful for the state of Texas and its innate beauty. There is a lot about Texas that I do not agree with, especially when it comes to politics, but I do not want to focus on that. The landscape of Texas makes me grateful that I have to opportunity to live here and travel around this state. It is so diverse from one are to the next and so much of it is just natural, raw, and beautiful.  I was reminded that I had this appreciation as I was driving South towards Houston on the way to Texas Renaissance Faire. In just looking out across the flat prairie lands as the sun went down, I smiled internally knowing that not everyone appreciates the beauty, but I do. 

As I goggled Texas images to provide the correct one to represent how I felt, I came across too many to show just one, so here are some of the representations of this state's beauty: 

Big Bend
Blue Bonnets

Dust Storm

Texas Wildflowers

Rio Grande River cutting through Big Bend

Sunset over the Prairies

Texas Wildflowers


Jay said...


Sara said...

God Blessed Texas for sure... and us for being able to enjoy it :)

Diane said...

Love the pics! When I was there last year my friend was talking about taking pictures in blue bonnets in Brownwood I was wondering what she was talking about.

Jane said...

Great state for sure