Friday, November 9, 2012

What a Woman Should Do - Part 9 and 10

I"m putting the final 18 all in one list...Be prepared.

  1. Explore your inner pagan by creating your own seasonal rituals: 
  2. At the spring equinox, detox with a juice fast, sauna, and deep muscle massage. (I could definitely do this. March will become the cleansing month.)
  3. At the summer solstice, hire a manicurist to give pedicures to you and four friends while your pampered klatch sips mint juleps. (Look out June...there's going to be some fancy feet and liquor flowing.)
  4. At the fall equinox, organize a black-clad, beatnik poetry reading with the themes of rain, dissolution, and romance. (Who will join me come September?)
  5. At the winter solstice, plant a circle of globed candles in a snowdrift and make wishes every night until they burn out. (Looks like there will be a trip to colder climes come December.... Anybody want to join?)
  6. Do Stevie Nicks on karaoke - sober. (Well, I sang Olivia Newton John on karaoke not sober and I sing Stevie Nicks sober in the car....why not mesh the two together...)
  7. Read James Joyce to telemarketers. (Oh how I would love to do this....if only I didn't want to just get off the phone as quickly as possible.)
  8. Stick your nose where it doesn't belong to stop child or animal abuse. (This would take some cajones, but I think I would do it.)
  9. Eschew a job for a career. (I've tried to to this...not very successfully.)
  10. Eschew a career for a job. (I'm working on this one.)
  11. Buy one significant piece of original art. (Do I have to buy it? Can't I make it?)
  12. Kiss a girl. (If you are talking kiss as in "kiss", I'll pass. It just doesn't interest me.)
  13. Lead a protest or commit an act of civil disobedience. (Who am I? Walt Whitman?)
  14. Forgive the unforgivable. (It is not my place to pass judgement on any living creature. All I can promise is that I will work to forgive wrongs done against me.)
  15. Embrace change. (Every day. All day. If we aren't changing and growing and accepting and embracing the changes within and around us, then we are dead.)
  16. Drop cable to spend the money on a $50 bottle of champagne each month. (Heck, I'm dropping cable just to not have that in my life any longer and to have that time that I waste in front of the television back to focus on other things like reading and quilting and becoming me....the extra money is just a bonus and who knows champagne may be involved.)
  17. Abandon self-doubt. (So very hard to do, but worth the work and I am working it.)
  18. Give birth to your heart's deepest desire and develop postnatal amnesia about the pain so you can do it again. (Since I haven't had children, and will not be having children, I don't know what that pain feels like. However, with the creation of anything there is some pain anyway and at this point in time I am willing to face that pain and embrace soon as I figure out what my heart's deepest desire actually is.)
That is all of the things that a woman supposedly should do. Thoughts? 


Sara said...


I'm in for March and June for sure ;)

champagne...... ah champagne

Jane said...

Yeah, I did Stevie nicks!!!